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Hao Shouyi: China’s Path to the Construction of Low-Carbon Cities in the Context of New-Style Urbanization

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Abstract: The core requirements of new urbanization are ecological cities and improvements to quality of life, and the construction of low-carbon cities is a necessary choice to achieve these requirements. This paper probes the definition of the low carbon city, the principle spatial units of the low carbon city system, the mechanisms of the ecological and social systems of low carbon cities, and briefly discusses the principles and systematic solution of low-carbon city construction in the context of new urbanization.

Keywords: New urbanization, Low-carbon areas, Low-carbon communities, Low-carbon city system

Source: China Finance and Economic Review, Volume 2, No.1, 2013

About the Author: Hao Shouyi was born in Hejian, Hebei Province in 1952. He is a professor,secretary-general and doctoral supervisor at the Urban and Regional Economy Research Center at Nankai University, director of the Binhai Research Institute of Tianjin, executive deputy-director of the National People’s Congress at Binhai New Area, Tianjin, chairman of the Regional Science Association of China, and vice-chairman of the Regional Economic Association of China.

Research interests: urban and regional economy, land and real estate economy

Email: shouyihao88@sina.com