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“Blue Book of Commercial Sector Annual Report on China’s Commercial Sector (2011-2012)”

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Annual Report on China’s Commercial Sector will continue issued synchronization with Chinese and English version in global. It is the cooperation achievement by National Academy of Economic Strategy of The Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences and the Li & Fung Research Center. At the same time, the English version of the content has been revised due to the difference of reader. This book has the following characteristics pay close attention to Chinese macro economy, highlights of Chinese distribution industry background, comments on the gains and loss of Chinese distribution industry in tire post-WTO decade, detailed analysis the development status of wholesale, retail, logistics, catering and e-commerce industry. As well as, analysis the condition of commercial real estate, business sector, retailer-supplier relationship and price fluctuation etc. Especially, we studied the Chinese luxury goods market, export to domestic sales and the new development of foreign trade etc. so’ we hope that the research can bring some enlightenment to the industry, academia and political circles.

 Chinese distribution theory and related policy in China is the main research object for National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS. We accurately presented the proposition that “Chinese commercial should return to mainstream” in Annual Report on China’s Commercial Sector, which was published in 2011. For the current distribution working conference of China is to be holding in 2}12, hereby, we changed the series name of Blue Book of Commercial Sector in Chinese , and continue to publishing in Annual Report on China’s Commercial Sector.


Chief editor: Jing Linbo
Associate managing editor: Lin Shihui, Wang Xuefeng
Programmar: NAES、Li & Fung Group
Publisher: Social Sciences Academic Press