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The National Academy of Economic Strategy (NAES) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) was founded in June 1978. Its predecessors were research group on finance and commerce under the Institute of Economics, CASS. It was renamed as the “Institute of Finance, Trade and Materials in Economics, CASS” and the “Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, CASS”, respectively. It had renowned economists including LIU Mingfu, ZHANG Zhuoyuan, YANG Shengming, LIU Rongcang, JIANG Xiaojuan, PEI Changhong and GAO Peiyong as its directors successively. On Dec. 29, 2011, as one of the breakthrough steps of the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Innovative Project of CASS, the National Academy of Economic Strategy was founded, based on the Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, as a national, comprehensive and innovative think tank of finance and economy, with Professor GAO Peiyong as the president and CHUAI Zhenyu, as the secretary of CPC committee.

The researches of NAES are divided into four fields, i.e. fiscal economy, trade economy, service economy as well as comprehensive economy which cover above ten economical disciplines in total. NAES is comprised of 1 strategic research program, 10 academic research departments, 2 societies and 6 centers, and staffed with 2 members of CASS, 2 honorary members of CASS, and 65 residential researchers among whom 34 are research fellows and associate research fellows. Some staff members are leaders of the related academic societies and associations, as well as consultants of central and local governmental departments and companies.

With 34 researchers as its advisors, NAES has doctoral and master degree candidates in fiscal studies, international trade, finance, industrial economy and tourism management, as well as postdoctoral centers in applied economics and business administration. About 30 doctoral and master degree candidates as well as 20 post-doctor fellows are enrolled each year. NAES also receives visiting scholars both from home and abroad, and provides training and continuing education in the fields of finance and economics.

Annually, NAES publishes Report on China Fiscal Policies, Service Industry Growth Report, China Urban Competitiveness Report, China Business Development Report, China Catering Business Growth Report, Analysis and Forecasts of China’s Tourism, China Leisure Development Report, a series of publications of Frontier of the Theoretical Development of China Economic Sciences, etc.

Issued both in and outside China, Finance and Trade Economics (a monthly published in Chinese) and CHINA FINANCE & ECONOMY (a bimonthly to be published in English) are important academic journals published by NAES, disclosing critical information on China economic performances and theoretical research progress in finance and economics. NAES also issues internal publications, such as Special Briefings, and Finance and Economics Forum, to provide decision-making consultancy for the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the related government agencies on key issues of major economic concerns of the governments and the people.

As an important platform and consulting institution in terms of academic exchanges, NAES has signed strategic cooperation frame agreements with some local governments to provide policy suggestions. NAES also enjoys a close and long-term relationship with international organizations, top universities, research institutions and academic associations worldwide. Under cooperation agreements with many educational and research institutions, NAES is engaged in regular academic exchanges, major and edge-cutting joint research projects and high-level academic events.